Make a Minyan while waiting for
your next flight in any airport!

How many guys are also waiting near you or a terminal away?


Need to make a Minyan at the 7th inning stretch,
at half time or at your kid's soccer practice?

Football, basketball, hockey or baseball!

Business Trips

Traveling for business or need a Minyan at a
conference, workshop or seminar hotel?

Plan ahead: Make an easy and free
temporary Minyan event.

Camping & Hiking

Enjoying the outdoors? Connect with other Jewish travelers near you.

Ski Resorts

Skiing, snowboarding, or tubing?
Enjoy a warm Minyan with hot chocolate and marshmallows!


Create a Minyan at the hotel or tourist spot.

You pick the time and place and Go Daven!

Create Your Minyan Today.

Whenever you travel, we suggest to Create A Minyan in advance for an increased chance of connecting with other MobileGabbaiers.

Pro Tip: Share your Minyan on social media for more exposure!

Join the Minyan Nation and go Daven.. it's free!