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      Become a participating Shul or Minyan partner and share your complete daily schedule with the world β€” it’s free! For committed partners πŸ˜‰


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      Participating Shul Partnership (PSP)

      Commit to frequently updating your Shul’s schedule β€” not just Davening and Learning!


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      Login and update your weekly schedule for your members, locals and everyone else to see and join in


      Automatically Updated

      Schedules are auto-updated daily and weekly with local Minyanim and Zmanim times


      Full Minyan Schedules

      View the most recent Minyan schedules, from Avinu Malkeinu to Parshas Zachor!


      Daf Yomi Shiurim

      Find the nearest Daf Yomi and related Shiurim near you or where you’ll be


      Chumash, Gemarah & More

      Halacha, Nach & Mussar Shiurim with friends, neighbors and visiting travelers


      Shidduch, Tehillim & Other Groups!

      Connect with and meet new faces around your neighborhood or city for good causes


      Biking & Walking Directions

      Each Minyan has biking, walking, and of course, driving directions!


      To provide the most reliable and complete Zmanim, Shiurim and more for Shuls and Minyanim around the world to help you as a local or as a visitor find accurate and updated information in one centralized Minyan partnership network wherever you find yourself.
      With Davening, Shiurim and complete daily programming schedules frequently changing, we know this is a tremendous amount of work – we’ll only be able to achieve and maintain the information with your help through a partnership on our platform.
      Do you know of a Minyan that should join our platform who can commit to maintaining an updated schedule? Please suggest them by clicking the button below.
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